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Choosing a fulfillment center or 3PL doesn’t have to seem overwhelming. If a question you have is not addressed below.  Please give us a call!  Not only do we enjoy informing those interested in our business, but questions help us grow as well!

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Where are your warehouses located?

Our warehouses are located at 1845 Airport Exchange Blvd in Erlanger, KY. We are across the street from Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport (CVG), the location of Amazon’s new Prime Air Hub and DHL Global Express Hub.

Do you support returns?

Yes we support high volume returns with services that include restocking and disposal.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we ship internationally and to all major US military bases through supporting major carriers.

What integrations do you support?

Through our WMS and partnership with SPS commerce, we have the ability to seamlessly integrate with all major retailers.

What type of packaging options do you support?

Through our vendor partnerships, we offer competitive pricing for all standard packaging needs. We also offer access to custom packaging firms that we work with to create the perfect custom packaging for your product.

Why use 3PL?

Growing brands use 3PL or 3PF to get their products out to their customers more quickly, more efficiently, and more accurately. We save you the time, money, and headache that you might incur, leaving you more time to build your team, increase your sales, and grow your business.

How can I keep an eye on my inventory?

At Rocket Shippers we make an effort to be as transparent as possible with our clients. We know that your product is your baby and that sometimes sending it off to college can be uncomfortable. Through our warehouse management software, we offer client portal that allows you to see exactly what we see, live. Live inventory updates, accurate reporting, daily operational activity and your personal accounting information are all visible. We also welcome visitors – feel free to stop by the facility to check on your product or just to say hello at any time.

Can you fill B2B or B2C orders?

Yes, we are an Omni-channel fulfillment center and can get your product to its destination, where ever that may be.

I am a small business owner with uncertain warehouse inventory levels. Is there a minimum monthly storage and warehousing fee?

No. With us there are no minimum monthly storage fees. Our goal is to provide our clients with the flexibility that they need to grow and develop their small business in a cost-effective manner, while providing the distribution expertise and high-level customer service required for you to achieve future success in your business.

I don’t want my customers to know that I am using a 3PL provider, can you take care of this?

Absolutely! Rocket Shippers understands blind-drop shipping services and can tailor outgoing order labels to reflect different “shipped from” names. You can be the sender, or your customer can be the sender. This white label approach is just another way we serve as a seamless extension of your business. Blind-drop shipping is often leveraged in the case of online ecommerce sales order fulfillment.

What are some signs of a high-quality, third-party warehousing facility?

  • Secure — When looking at facilities to warehouse your inventory, they should be in a safe area and provide security 24/7.
  • Clean — The facility should be clean and well organized; this reflects the quality of how your product is handled and the capability of meeting your service demands.
  • SOPs — The 3PL company should have Standard Operating Procedures and be flexible to offer customized client manuals to support your business needs.
  • The Right People — Experienced, customer friendly staff is a key ingredient for your 3PL provider to have in order to continue the growth of your business and is the foundation of our success.