Amazon FBA Prep Services

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) can help you scale your business and reach more customers, but working with FBA isn’t always easy. That’s one reason more companies are using FBA Prep Services to help them navigate this process.

For sellers in the Amazon marketplace, using FBA can simplify their inventory needs, ship products, handle returns, and provide customer service. But many vendors have experienced trouble with the processes Amazon requires them to follow. Shipping your products to Amazon fulfillment centers, and getting your shipments accepted into Amazon inventory can be a challenge.

To get your products accepted by Amazon for FBA, you need to follow Amazon’s detailed guidelines. That’s why many Amazon fulfillment users choose an FBA Prep Service to help them navigate this process. An FBA Prep Service is an expert advisor that takes care of the details around meeting Amazon’s specific guidelines. They ensure that you meet all Amazon’s packing guidelines and shipping and routing requirements, so you don’t waste time and effort and can tap into the power of fulfillment by Amazon.

What is Amazon FBA?

Anyone who sells on Amazon can also use the company’s FBA process to manage storage, inventory, handling, and shipping of the products they sell on Amazon’s commerce site.

To use FBA, companies send an inventory of their products to Amazon, which the company stores in one or more of its Amazon fulfillment centers. When your products are purchased on Amazon, they ship your product to the customer on your behalf. In addition to shipping and handling, Amazon also manages any returns or refunds and provides primary customer service.

Amazon fulfillment allows you to leverage the distribution power of Amazon to deliver your products to your customers. It also simplifies your logistics by taking many of the transactional parts of selling and shipping products to your customers out of your hands.

Who Should Use FBA?

Using FBA isn’t for everyone, but it is a useful option for companies that want to let Amazon worry about the logistics of selling and shipping products. Some may not be scaled to ship merchandise at volume. Others want to create a separate end-to-end process within the Amazon marketplace and handle their other sales through a different fulfillment model. Yet others might build their entire business around an FBA model and do not need to develop other fulfillment options.

The key is that whatever their needs, companies can leverage FBA so they can focus on product development, manufacturing, and all the other things that make their business work. It’s a powerful way to remove many of the logistical challenges around selling and delivering products to customers.

The Challenges of Using Amazon FBA

Amazon FBA can help your company grow, but like any complex, interactive process, FBA has specific guidelines that vendors must follow to ensure proper operation within their fulfillment network. Amazon is selective about which products it will support with their FBA service, and they place specific requirements on manufacturers and distributors who want fulfillment by Amazon.

Fail to meet Amazon’s requirements, and your inventory shipment will incur additional costs. Items that have not been prepared according to the requirements may be subject to charges for unplanned prep services at the Amazon fulfillment center. Even worse than these “unplanned service fees,” your product may not be accepted at the fulfillment center, leaving you with lost time, increased costs, and the need to try again. And this is why you should contact Rocket Shippers!

Why an FBA Prep Service?

That’s why your company needs a knowledgeable partner who can help you navigate the complex and demanding FBA preparation process. Is your product FBA ready? Have you met all Amazon’s packing guidelines? Do your product and packaging meet Amazon’s shipping and routing requirements? If you’re not an FBA Prep Services Expert, it can be challenging to navigate this process.

Looking at the standard shipping issue, for example, many companies simply don’t have the time or patience to deal with Amazon’s requirements. Most shipments follow Amazon’s general “Shipping and routing requirements.” These guidelines are meant to streamline Amazon’s process, but they put an additional burden on the shipper to meet these requirements.

For example, boxes with multiple items in them can’t be larger than 25 inches on any side. Larger boxes are acceptable for oversize items, but boxes that are excessively large (relative to their contents) can get your shipping privileges restricted, incur additional fees, or even be refused at a fulfillment center.

You need an FBA Prep Service If:

  • Your company wants to start selling through Amazon, but you don’t know anything about managing the FBA process. – An FBA Prep Service can help you get up and running as fast as possible and help you get started with no hiccups or lost time and money. 
  • You use FBA now, but your shipments aren’t always accepted. – A returned shipment or added fees from Amazon can take all the profit margin out of your sales. An FBA Prep Service can ensure your shipments are packaged, labeled, and delivered for full acceptance every time.
  • Following Amazon’s requirements is taking away too much time from other work. – Whether you have a small team that needs to be focused on more-strategic work or needs your shipping specialists to focus on other parts of your fulfillment channel, an FBA Prep Service can offload your teams so that they can get back to their other priorities.

Every company has strategic issues to focus on, and FBA readiness is seldom one of them. If you’re new to the process or have had troubles in the past, it can be more trouble than you’re willing to take on. An effective FBA prep service can take much of this burden off your company’s shoulders and let you get back to what you do best – making and selling your products.

Why Amazon FBA with Rocket Shippers?

Between packaging, labeling, and all the other requirements of FBA, the hassle can cost so much time and effort that it’s no longer beneficial to use Amazon Fulfillment at all. That’s where a trusted advisor like Rocket Shipperscomes in. 

Rocket Shippers offers a cost-effective alternative to warehousing and scheduling if your inventory meets FBA requirements. We work with both Amazon Sellers and Vendors while also providing FBA preparation and shipping services. In addition, we support both Amazon FBM (Fulfillment By Merchant) and Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime, allowing you to be separate from Amazon’s logistics network.

Rocket Shippers will handle the tough logistics for you. We package your items to meet all Amazon’s specifications. Our Amazon FBA prep services include:

  • Unpacking and Repackaging Products
  • Providing Amazon-Correct Labels to every item
  • Preparing items that are Fragile, Sharp, or Unpackaged
  • Poly-bagging within Amazon’s Guidelines
  • QC – to ensure products aren’t damaged or defective for shipment

FBA Services Provided By Rocket Shippers

Rocket Shippers handles all the packaging, shipping, labeling, and related services to get your shipment into the Amazon ecosystem.


Some products require specific preparation, so they arrive at Amazon fulfillment centers in the best condition. We pack your products per the exact Amazon specs, so they arrive safe, undamaged, and ready for distribution. Your shipment arrives at the Amazon distribution center, ready for delivery to your customer, and ready to be accepted by Amazon. Most shipments follow Amazon’s general “Shipping and routing requirements,” but there are exceptions. Rocket Shippers knows the Shipping and routing requirements and knows the limitations (like delivery of small parcels, truckloads, and imports), so you don’t have to.


Different types of products require specific packaging by Amazon. Fragile items must be bubble-wrapped to meet a 3-foot drop test. Items that could leak must be poly-bagged. Poly-bagged items must include a label that can be scanned through the poly-bag, or have a label affixed to the poly bag. Bulky items must be over-boxed. Most clothing must not include hangers, yet some clothing must be on a hanger.

Rocket Shippers has experience with all these guidelines and can ensure that your packaging meets all of Amazon’s requirements. As experts in Amazon Fulfillment Prep Services, we stay on top of changes to the company’s guidelines and automatically apply them to your future shipments.


However you send your products to Amazon, each individually wrapped product for delivery needs its label. Even if your products are packaged into crates that need to be unpacked, you’re still responsible for providing a shipping label sticker on every item Amazon will ship. Rocket Shippers will take your inventory and apply the needed labels to enable Amazon delivery. We handle the process from end to end, so you don’t have to.

Inventory Management

At Rocket Shippers, we are proud to be the most secure and effective option for order fulfillment and distribution. Our order fulfillment centers are assisted by the industry’s most sophisticated inventory, payment, shipment and warehouse management tools, providing peace of mind for organizations of all sizes.

Inventory Transfer

When you utilize our fulfillment centers, we also offer transport from our fulfillment centers to any FBA facility. RocketShippers handles all the FBA item labels and box labels and delivers your shipment to Amazon for you.

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