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Retail Fulfillment Solution For Your Business

Companies that sell their products through retail stores still have to worry about fulfillment to get their product into the hands of the retailers that sell them. But they don’t necessarily have to sweat all the details of managing logistics, inventory, and shipping to their retail partners. Retail fulfillment service companies can make sure your products arrive at reseller locations when they need to, saving you from all the headaches of managing the fulfillment process yourself.

Unlike Direct Fulfillment

If your company sells products online and ships them directly to consumers, it’s no surprise that you’ll need a fulfillment partner to help manage complex issues like shipping, returns, and inventory control. But what if you sell through retail partners? Isn’t that something completely different?

Unfortunately for many product companies, selling through retailers is just as challenging. It just presents a different set of fulfillment headaches.

Smart companies focus their own efforts on the capabilities that are core to their business, like making and selling their products. Most don’t want to become experts on fulfillment themselves, and they can benefit from partnering with a fulfillment specialist to manage this complex process for them.

Part of Your Overall Fulfillment Strategy

You’re left with the choice to master the process of meeting both these types of demand yourself, outsourcing all this fulfillment to a partner, or you’ll need to specialize in one and find a partner to support you with the other.

For companies that want to jump into both retail and direct sales quickly, or who just want to forego the fulfillment challenges altogether, a dedicated fulfillment partner can provide a comprehensive service to support all your fulfillment channels. A knowledgeable fulfillment service can handle all your inventory and manage shipments both to individual customers and to your retail partners.

What is Retain Fulfillment?

Retail fulfillment is just the process of delivering your products, wholesale, to the retail partners that will sell them to consumers. It is unlike most direct-to-consumer sales because instead of sending a single item (or a few) to an end-user, you’re shipping in bulk to a reseller who then sells your product through their channel.

Different retail partners will have differing requirements for how they receive your products, where you ship them, how they need to be packaged, and other specifics. Some may need your products individually packaged and boxed for sale, while others might want to receive them loose and in bulk to package themselves. And if you sell through multiple retail outlets with differing requirements, you can end up packing and shipping custom jobs for each different retail partner.

An established distribution partner is invaluable when it comes to delivering wholesale to retailers. At Rocket Shippers, we will be there every step of the way to help you strategize, prepare, and implement your project for retail fulfillment. Our system works with both B2C and B2B networks, so you’ll be able to sell to retailers directly whenever you need to.

Why Fulfillment With Rocket Shippers?

Rocket Shippers is your one-stop-shop retail fulfillment partner. We are an omnichannel fulfillment center and can get your product to its destination—wherever that may be! Our services meet all your needs including:

  • Receiving – We accept your inventory with a flat rate for most receiving, so you know your costs upfront.
  • Pick and Pack – We’ll pick and pack your items for delivery to all your different retail customers, per their needs. You’ll only pay for what you use.
  • Packaging – We are full-time experts in shipping and packaging, so we work with your retailers to understand and meet their specific requirements. You get the right packaging for all your products at a fraction of what it would cost you to pack things yourself.
  • Shipping – Because we ship for many vendors, you benefit from deeply discounted shipping rates due to our high shipping. Since we specialize in shipping, you can access all the major shippers, depending on your retailers’ needs and preferences.
  • Storage – We warehouse your inventory for you, so you don’t need to worry about storing and managing inventory.
  • B2B – For shipments to your distributors or other B2B shipping, we offer simplified, lower-cost shipping based on weight and SKUs, so you don’t pay retailing shipment rates for shipments going to your third-party distribution channel.

Benefits of Retail Fulfillment

Essentially, fulfillment companies help manufacturers, retailers, and e-commerce platforms ship their products to wholesalers or retailers at a reduced price.

An e-commerce fulfillment firm ships goods at a reduced price to your wholesale or retail business partners. They also work with the retailers and wholesalers to prepare inventory, warehouse stock, plan to ship and create a strategy for managing the project. Fulfillment companies work with B2B and B2C networks so products can get directly to wholesalers and retailers.

EDI Compliance

EDI compliance refers to a standardized set of formats and processes that gives different companies the ability to exchange business documents. Just about every major retail partner, ranging from Bed Bath & Beyond to Wal-Mart, and many thousands of others, will require your company to be EDI compliant before they can even do business with you. To work with these and other major partners, your business needs EDI to receive your purchase orders & send out invoices!

In addition to EDI compliance, effective B2B and B2C shipping also require inventory-taking, ample storage space, and fast delivery. Fulfillment companies can make your shipments EDI compliant, even if your company is not. They can help you and your customers mitigate all these risks.

Startup Fulfillment Package

Rocket Shippers also offers a Startup Fulfillment Package with special services and discounts to help startups and B2C e-commerce companies grow.

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