Retail Distribution and Fulfillment Services

Stop struggling with retail fulfillment. You can count on Rocket Shippers to get your products where they need to go quickly and efficiently, every time.

What is Retail Fulfillment?

Retail fulfillment is the distribution of products to retail stores to be sold from those locations. Unlike direct fulfillment, where you pick, pack, and ship products directly to the end user, retail fulfillment involves preparing your products for bulk purchases, packaging and labeling them to meet the specific receiving requirements of your retail partners, and shipping accordingly. And, because each retailer often has its own requirements, the process of retail distribution can be a stressful and time-intensive process.

By partnering with a fulfillment specialist like Rocket Shippers, you can skip this complicated process and allow our experts to handle it all for you. We will receive your products at our warehouse, package and label them according to your retail partner’s specifications, and ship for you. Learn more about our other B2B fulfillment services.

Why You Should Partner With a 3PL for Retail Fulfillment

As an experienced third-party logistics partner or 3PL, Rocket Shippers is well equipped to handle all your company’s retail distribution and fulfillment for you. We’ll work with your retail partners to prepare your inventory, warehouse your stock, and coordinate shipments, saving you time and money in the process.

Retail Fulfillment that’s 100% EDI Compliant

EDI, short for Electronic Data Interchange, refers to the standardized system required by nearly all major retailers, including Target, Walmart, and thousands of others. When you work with Rocket Shippers for your retail distribution and fulfillment, we’ll make sure your shipments are fully EDI compliant for frictionless acceptance by your retail partners.

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A Certified Minority Supplier

Rocket Shippers is a division of Pride Global, a minority-owned integrated human capital solutions and advisory firm, and a certified minority supplier. As such, we can help you reach your diversity spending goals.

Founded in 1985 and headquartered in New York City with operating offices throughout the U.S., U.K., India, and Brazil, Pride Global is dedicated to promoting diversity and strengthening communities throughout its network of companies, including Rocket Shippers, Pride One, Russell Tobin, Pride Now, Pride BPO, Pride Health, Pride Tech, Pride Advisory, and Pride India.

Simplify Your Retail Distribution

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