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Full Cost Breakdown

One-size-fits-all pricing rarely fits any business perfectly—and published pricing models tend to hide fees to show lower sticker prices. That’s why we customize our pricing for every client, tailoring our level of service and support to fit their exact requirements through free, no-risk consultations that cover everything that impacts the final price, including:


Flat Rate

We charge a flat rate for up to two hours of receiving per shipment.


Monthly Rate

Our four monthly rates are based on four standard sizes that can fit any product line.

Pick & Pack

Per Item Rate

Charges are based on the initial picked item with discounts for all additional items


Discounted Materials

We work with a wide range of vendors to offer heavily discounted packaging.


Pre-Negotiated Rates

Through close relationships with all major shippers, we can provide discounted rates.


Monthly Rate

We offer a flat monthly rate for labeling in addition to the four storage size options.


Weight-Based Rates

For B2B shipments, we assess rates based on shipping weight and number of SKUs.

Subscription Kitting

Discounted Materials

Our vendor partners allow us to produce bespoke subscription boxes at low prices.

Need Help Finding a Solution?

Our team of ecommerce experts is ready to help—and with the help of the Pride Global family of companies, there are few business challenges we can’t overcome. Contact us today to learn how we can partner with you to develop the perfect solution for your business.

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