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7 Ways to Create a Stellar Post Purchase Experience for your Ecommerce Business

It’s much more profitable—and easier—to earn a purchase from a past customer than acquiring a new one. According to Semrush, the probability of selling to an existing customer is 60-70%, while the likelihood of selling to a new one is below 20%. This is a major reason earning customer loyalty is key to a successful ecommerce business, but many companies still spend a lot more energy (and the majority of their budgets) on marketing to new customers. How can you cultivate a customer base that keeps coming back for your products or services? Here are 7 ways that your ecommerce business can create a post-purchase experience designed to inspire loyalty and improve customer retention.

1. Include freebies or “thank you” gifts

Often, extra products are offered to entice a new purchase. However, providing a little something extra after an initial purchase can surprise and delight customers. A small gift is a great way to show your appreciation and share more of what your company has to offer. Try including free samples of a complementary product, a branded piece of swag or stationery with your logo, or a nice card with a discount for a future order.

2. Create an online community

Having a digital space where customers can connect with your organization as well as each other will help to build loyalty and can promote additional sales. As you’ve seen for yourself online, people love to discuss their favorite products, get advice about how to use something, share photos, or ask questions. Providing this space yourself can compound your customers’ initial excitement as well as allow them to see and get excited about your new products. This can be as simple as creating a Facebook group where new customers are automatically invited to join, and by actively responding to questions, participating in discussions, and offering special discounts or other giveaways, you can build a community of customers.

3. Offer a loyalty program that stands out

Reward programs have been around for a long time, and for good reason—many retailers find success with them. The key is to design a program that you yourself would be excited about. How can you stand out from competition and make your message heard above the general noise of other loyalty programs? Make sure the system for earning points is simple and easy to use. We also suggest offering points for things beyond purchases, such as activities like following your  social media channels or leaving positive reviews. While you don’t want to overcomplicate your program, it’s helpful to create more opportunities for people to earn points. Be sure to include members-only discounts or sales, and don’t forget to throw in a free birthday gift, as these simple perks can make a big difference.

4. Make sure your return policy is flexible

Many people don’t pull the trigger on their online shopping cart because without touching and feeling a product, they’re not sure how they’ll feel about it when it arrives—and if you have strict return policies, they’ll be even less interested. Ensuring that customers can return items easily will offer them peace of mind, encouraging them to purchase despite initial hesitations. Furthermore, many people judge a retail operation based on their return experience; data shows that 95% of shoppers would become repeat customers based on a positive return experience. Make sure that your return policy is simple, clear, generous in its time limits, and featured prominently on your website.

5. An impressive unboxing experience

Everyone loves that little “something extra” when they receive a package. As ecommerce has gotten more competitive, it’s more important than ever to go the extra mile with your packaging with all the little touches that can make you stand out. A memorable unboxing experience will please your customer—and also offer Instagram-worthy photo opportunities. Try including free samples, thank you notes, or discount cards on quality cardstock, along with other attention-getting materials like colored crinkle paper or a custom-printed manual. Additionally, as consumers become more environmentally conscious, eco-friendly packaging is likely to impress.

6. Provide additional value

In today’s marketing landscape, content is king. That’s because consumers want to engage with brands. Good content can not only build trust and credibility, but nurture leads and create new ones. Think about how you can interact with your customers and offer them even more. Sharing things like product care guides, complementary product recommendations, educational videos, and interesting articles make for a great post-purchase experience for ecommerce businesses. Post these items on social media, where you can engage with comments, likes, shares, and more—and be sure to promote your customers when they’re doing something amazing with your products or services!

7. Don’t forget to follow up

Typically, once a customer makes a purchase, they don’t expect to hear from anyone. Think about the impression you could make if follow up after an initial purchase. It’s an especially good idea to check in and ask for feedback, as you’ll only hear from your most outspoken (and sometimes least productive) customers otherwise. If you hear of opportunities for improvement, let customers know how you plan to act on them—and then do it. That said, just touching base to let customers know that you want them to be satisfied with their purchase will set you apart from your competition.

Many of these tactics can be implemented today by working with your own internal team. However, extra support is just a phone call away. A fulfillment partner like Rocket Shippers can go beyond handling your retail fulfillment—we can work with the rest of the Pride Global family to offer you all the tools to scale your business. Get in touch today.